Chrysler's WCM Academy Awards 27 Winners at Awards Ceremony

Efficiency's the name of the game for Chrysler Group, and what better way to celebrate efficiency than by holding a Hollywood-style academy awards ceremony for the very people who help make all new Chrysler, Dodge, RAM, and Jeep vehicles that our customers enjoy?

That would be Chrysler Group and UAW's first-run World Class Manufacturing Academy Awards ceremony at the UAW- Chrysler Technology Training Center in Michigan on Thursday, Dec. 12. There, the event called upon 500 attendees, of which were award nominees from 26 facilities in North America.

Among the nominees, there were 27 winners across 14 categories. The winners were based on core value criteria that the WCM Academy follows, which is ETEE: Excellence, Talent, Togetherness, Energy, Etc.

"Our people are the life blood of this Company, so we were thrilled to host the first WCM Academy Awards to recognize their hard work and achievements," says Chrysler Grou's President of Manufacturing Mauro Pino, " Working to make improvements in our manufacturing process is not only rewarding for each employee individually, but also for Chrysler Group as a whole."1

Award winners should be very proud of their achievements, especially given the association with the WCM Academy. The Academy's taught process is one that focuses on productivity, quality, safety, and sustainability. That vision helps raise the bar among Chrysler manufacturing plants, including four facilities that won Bronze status in 2012.

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